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Dear Property Manager, 

I wanted to let you know what might be the most important information you’ll read this year. I’ve just gotten off the phone with a good friend of mine who officially worked for Governor Abbott and gave me some BIG TIME insider information”.  My father and I decided that you should be aware of this so you can quickly get ahead of the curveball and really start to benefit quickly there are some serious talks happening regarding reopening Texas. 


(Covid-19) has forever changed our lives and how we operate with businesses, housing, and entertainment. While the opening of Texas will happen, several guidelines and rules could be implemented to ensure safety and sanitation. THESE NEW LAWS COULD BE MADE PERMANENT. 

PENALTIES AND FINES are being suggested as a sure-fire way to keep everyone in compliance. Especially crowded areas like hotels, theatres, parks, gyms, and APARTMENT COMPLEXES may be the most-watched and surveilled to make sure rules are being met. If you’re a SENIOR property, or a HUD property, or have large occupancy, you can almost bet on it.

Things you don’t know can cost you THOUSANDS! People who weren’t paying attention to the new laws (that were seemingly updated every day), were hit with major fines when they were stopped by police officers.

So in order to combat this with the new information I got, I wanted to show you.



AIM Services will apply an ultra-powerful and brutally effective HOSPITAL GRADE disinfectant throughout the “hot spots” of your ENTIRE PROPERTY. These areas include every exterior doorknob on every apartment unit, all the handrails, all the staircase rails, every interior office where residents meet, all computer keyboards and computer rooms, the kitchen, and a complete spray down of the weight room and all the equipment. And just to be clear, this potent disinfectant isn’t just a simple “bleach and water” solution. HOSPITAL GRADE means exactly that.

This is GUARANTEED to completely demolish the worst of the worst diseases and viruses. These include H1N1, Influenza, Polio, HIV, Herpes, E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Staph Infection, Flu, Athlete Foot Fungus, Hepatitis B and C, and of course the newest HUMAN CORONAVIRUS!!! GUARANTEED!


Sign more leases, fill those empty vacancies, and collect more rent money by building the confidence of your current tenants and delighting new ones moving in. Every time AIM Services comes out to service this property, we’ll put a sticker in high traffic areas especially the front office that will say, “ This property was professionally disinfected for COVID-19 and by AIM SERVICES on ______”.

By instructing your property managers to mention this during the enrollment process, it’s a great way to build good faith and show that you care about them and their families. On top of that, almost NO ONE ELSE is doing this. When future tenants hear this from your property manager, and see the stickers with a service date on YOUR property, it’ll really increase the value and assure them you’re doing everything to keep them safe.


Once we’re done going through the first 2 steps, we’ll check in with the property manager and make sure they’re happy with the job performed. We’ll have an “AIM SERVICES CORONA FREE GUARANTEE” CHECKLIST that will make sure every nook and cranny was sprayed and disinfected. They can put that on file so when inspectors come by; it’s an added bonus that makes the property look great, it shows impressive initiative, and it’s a reminder that we’re all doing our part. 

Comprehensive hospital-grade disinfecting for your properties is as simple as choosing what package you’d like and then sit back and let us handle it for you. You’ll rest easy knowing your whole property is completely CORONAVIRUS FREE….. GUARANTEED!


I’m so positive you’ll love this service we’re offering, that I’m going to offer you a very GENEROUS GUARANTEE. If you feel that the property isn’t up to the level of disinfection and sanitation standards you’d like, we’ll go right back and completely perform the service from top to bottom again… FREE. 

That means, there’s no possible way on earth anything will go wrong. There’s no possible way to make a mistake or waste a maintenance person’s time doing this, missing spots because they’re overburdened with work orders, or worse, not doing it at all. We are completely devoted to making sure your properties are safe, sanitized from top to bottom, completely disinfected, and your property receives the credit and prestige it deserves for being proactive and doing your part. 

While there’s no certainty what lies ahead, what new laws will be made, and what enforcement measures take place, you can be sure that AIM Services is here for you and ready to serve you. We’ll be ahead of the ball game, tenants will appreciate the proactive measures you’re taking, new customers will be impressed, and rest easy knowing everything is regularly disinfected, and we’ll be here every step of the way to help. Thanks again and please call me at (956) 599-8899 and we can create a service package that makes sense for your property needs, and how quickly you’d like for us to serve you. 

Jason R. Solis

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